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Damian Dragon

I am Damian Dragon and am a performer based in New York City. I see that my pure pornography creates imagery of a strong and passionate Asian man in a world where Asian men are stereotyped before even having a chance to explore.

I spent my formative independent years, during the most devastating years of the AIDS epidemic, in Toronto. Within these years I did not want to embrace my heritage. I did not want to be fetishized. I longed to fit in with the majority of men within my community. I only began to grow comfortable and begin to embrace my Asian heritage well into my adult years.

I discovered that other men within my community, like me, have not always been so comfortable in their skin. The realization of my own identity was a long road of discovery. I never grew up with any strong, confident gay Asian men as role models. It took me decades to find my own independence and sexual freedom.

Gay Asian men for years have been typecast into certain roles by the majority of our own community. We are often discounted for not fitting within the parameters of traditional beauty standards. We are assigned character traits before we have even experimented enough to decide where our true roles may lie.

It may not be a conventional path, but through my work I want other Asian men to see that there is beauty in embracing our Asian heritage. I want other Asian men to see that we can be confident and sexual in our chosen roles.

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Damian Dragon is a performer based in New York City.

Damian’s career started in front of the camera in his early twenties. As he got more heavily tattooed, he also became more heavily invested in the BDSM scene, and his work became fetish-oriented. Being an exhibitionist by nature, there was a natural transition to work as an adult performer.

Damian is a performer in the broadest sense. His live performances, seen in some of the most debaucherous pansexual events in NYC, blur the lines between art, burlesque, and pornography.